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Mega Foam Technology

 Foam is a vital element in all spring mattresses. It is frequently used in padding layers. All spring mattresses manufactured by DFMC use a unique foam technology known as ‘Mega Foam Technology’ also known as ‘the Green Foam Technology’. It is an advanced German technology for manufacturing foam which employs environment friendly manufacturing methods keeping in line with international environment friendliness standards. All SERTA mattresses come with this revolutionary Mega Foam. This technology requires state-of-the-art infrastructure. DFMC is the only company in the UAE to provide such revolutionary foam.


 This Cutting edge technology has some unique benefits as follows:

  1. This technology does not use any harmful chemicals like Methylene Chloride known as ‘blowing agents’ to manufacture foam. Methylene Chloride is an ozone depleting substance commonly used by mattress manufacturers to manufacture cheap foam.  The foam is manufactured by a special ‘Mega Foam Machine’. This machine manufactures foam by ‘Vacuum-chamber-curing process’ which does not require any chemicals or ‘blowing agents’ to manufacture the foam  and therefore the foam manufactured by this technology is environment friendly and is known as ‘Mega Foam’ or ‘Green Foam’
  2. The foam manufactured by this process has an open cell structure. The open cell structure provides perfect air circulation and ideal moisture management. This avoids any heat build-up up on the mattress surface and provides a pleasant sleep. As a common practice cheap foam manufacturers use chalk powder to manufacture foam which on usage would block the cells affecting the quality of foam.  Open cell structure provides a breathable surface and makes the foam more durable and gives long life. 

3-Zone Convoluted Mega Foam

3 zone convoluted foam is manufactured by the Mega foam technology process. There are two types of 3 Zone convoluted foam namely:
a)     3 Zone convoluted foam sheet
b)     3 Zone convoluted Peeled foam

Sheet foam and peeled foam is used during different levels of mattress manufacturing process, 3 Zone convoluted foam sheet is used at the padding level and the latter is used during the quilting level.

Convolutions on the foam provide additional cushioning and zoning further enhances the comfort level by providing additional support to differential zones of the body.

 Some of the unique benefits of 3 Zone convoluted foam is as follows:

  1. Convolutions in the foam provide better air circulation and further reduce the heat buildup on the surface of the foam. The convolutions provide additional cushioning and comfort.
  2. 3 zones in the foam provide appropriate comfort to the differential body zones. The mid one third zone of the foam sheet is hard to provide comfort to the heaviest part of the body and the top and bottom zones are relatively softer to appropriate comfort to the head, shoulder and legs.