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Bedding Accessories

Comfort Solutions by King Koil is a speciality bedding accessories retail concept introduced in 2009. Comfort Solutions offers a whole range of bedding accessories which includes Mattress Toppers, Mattress Protectors, Speciality Pillows, Duvets and Linen Sets. There are more than 300 SKU’s, thus providing adequate choice to the consumers to choose from. All products are meticulously crafted using high-end raw materials like Down/Feather, Micro Fibre, Viscogel, etc., which would provide a unique feel and comfort to the consumers. All the Down/Feather products are Ultra-Fresh treated and OKO Tex certified. This ensures safe manufacturing methods and anti-microbial treatment for each of the products of Comfort Solutions. The “Comfort Solutions” range is the perfect complement for the mattress leader - King Koil’s comprehensive portfolio of award-winning mattress products.

King Koil is already well known in the market, with its endorsement by International Chiropractors Association and King Koil has been credited with innovations like the Advanced Pressure Support System. The brand has become synonymous with premium quality and luxurious comfort.

The Comfort Solutions range includes Specialty mattress toppers with latest Visco-Gel technology and Down-feather combination fills. Specialty pillows are available in different ratios of Down and feather configurations and includes pillows like the Three chamber pillow, Hungarian Down pillow, Encased pillow, Body pillow and even Anti-snoring pillow. Linen sets made of 100 % cotton are available in sateen finish and high thread counts. Specialty duvets are also available with natural and micro-fibre fills.

Each product is unique in its fill and construction. The double chambered mattress topper has its top chamber filled with exquisite Down and has feather in the bottom chamber, which makes it a unique product, providing optimal comfort and support. The Encased pillow has a Down-filled outer chamber, with an inner fibre ball core and has an L-shaped zipper and pocket inside to keep fragrance packs, all designed to provide high levels of comfort.

Comfort Solutions has also launched its range of Silk linen sets and duvet covers which are made of pure natural hand-woven Silk. Comfort Solutions range of Silk linen sets and duvet covers are sought after by the rich and famous. This niche clientele have been able to experience the luxury of sleeping on Silk – the Queen of fibers.

This rich and lustrous natural protein has been hand woven into elegant Comfort Solutions offerings. These designs have been created for Comfort Solutions, by interwoven yarns of beautiful colors.

To visit a Comfort Solutions showroom is an experience to be savored. The brand already has a loyal and rapidly expanding high profile customer base.

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