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DFMC manufacturing facility is located in Dubai Investment Park – the prestigious manufacturing address in Dubai today. This new facility enables production of upto 1000 mattresses in a day. The state of art machinery that is used in the DFMC facility, gives the company and its manufacturing unit a distinctive edge, facilitating adoption of unique construction designs in the mattresses.

DFMC has completely automated manufacturing facilities which minimize manual handling, thereby ensuring consistency and quality finish. This advanced and technologically superior manufacturing infrastructure enables DFMC to produce innovative and path breaking designs. DFMC has been the pioneer in the Middle East market in introducing several latest mattress constructions such as pillow-top, box-top and coil over coil constructions.

In addition, the new DFMC manufacturing facility boasts of a plant that produces the revolutionary megafoam. This very current and contemporary megafoam technology is German in origin and combines a new plant concept, adopts special manufacturing processes and uses specifically formulated raw materials for producing conventional as well as a wide variety of high quality specialty foam. This gives the much-needed added features in the end product, thereby giving value added benefits to the end user.



Further, environment friendly standards being a prime concern at DFMC, the mega foam manufacturing process eliminates the use of those chemicals that can affect the environment, for instance chlorofluorocarbons commonly believed to deplete the ozone layer. With this capital-intensive technology, DFMC enjoys the honor of being the first in the region to implement this revolutionary new technology.



Besides, mega foam with its unique open cell structure ensures perfect air circulation and ideal transport of moisture. This guarantees that zero heat builds up on the foam surface, leading to a pleasant environment that augurs well for tranquil sleep. Thus, the new mega foam plant gives DFMC that cutting edge to come up with innovative foam structures leading to manufacture of mattresses that takes sleeping to new comfortable levels.